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We all know that Canada is one of the most developed countries in North America, from having all types of natural resources to all kinds of machinery and jobs. There is all type of people visiting Canada, migrating to Canada, including tourists, students and businesspeople whole year.

Canada encounters every type of people from the whole world, so to impress and amaze them everything is maintained and up to date, even airports.

Talking about Canadian airports, we know that their airports are highly updated, full of facilities with proficient staff and workers.

The airport plays an essential role in handling the influx and efflux of people in Canada. So its airports require more and more foreigners, as there are many vacant jobs at the airport to be fulfilled. All you have to do is apply for its visa, go there and perform your duty and task.


Work visa requirements for Canada are same there maybe just slight changes but only in some.

So, the prerequisites for an airport work visa for Canada are:

  1. Fluent English-speaking skills.
  2. LMIA (as it is essential when applying for any job).
  3. A valid passport.
  4. Passport size pictures.
  5. Health and physical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.
  6. A work permit is a must.
  7. Pure and clean criminal record.
  8. Job sponsor letter.
  9. Education depends upon the type of job you are applying for, but the necessary start of qualification is 12th grade, and so on according to your post.
  10. Your academic documents photocopy should be there with your visa and other documents.


We all know the essential and first step to do is to hire a trustworthy agent for this whole procedure who is going to keep contact with the Canadian agent. Other actions are as follow:

  • The employer from Canada who is employing the oversea foreigners first provides the work permit and LMIA.
  • The person applying for the job fills out some forms related to his residency in Canada.
  • Filling out visa procedure forms
  • After completing all legal structures along with the job sponsor letter, LMIA and visa form, they have to be submitted in Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt 
  • After completing all legal structures along with the job sponsor letter, LMIA and visa form, they have to be submitted in Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt

And that is all.


Responsibilities of working in airport differ for different positions.

If you are an airport manager, then you should have a high qualification up to a degree in business administration or parallel. But if you are in airport traffic controlling, then the thing which matters the most is excellent communication skills, judgmental skills and of course coordination. He must know how to use different types of devices, as he will be encountering radars or online computers etc.

Then, there is this staff which goes for the scanning of travellers’ bags and luggage. Some sit on the front desk for the checking and conformity of tickets and seats. On the other hand, an airport guard or security man is the one who keeps a keen eye on its surroundings and prevents any mishap. These security guards are hired and given their positions according to their academic level and training level.

There are other staffs which provide “In-flight services”. Then, there is the requirement of employers with the high qualification of media sciences or IT for IT Department. If we go on a higher level then, there are engineers for aeroplanes, flight operators or pilots. There are financers for the finance department. There are cleaners required too.

So go and look for your type of job.

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