In order to expand your earning scale, the majority of the people think of leaving for abroad especially for airport work. With multiple options on the plate, there is a tough competition among several countries. The spark of earning a handsome amount in a breathable environment tempts people to settle abroad and work at the airport for manageable hours. However, no matter which country you want to go to the most important requirement is a visa. Without this document, you can’t leave the premises in your country. Many people find issuance of work visa for Oman a tiresome struggle.

Visa Requirements: Since you have the thoughts of Oman in your mind let’s tell you about the visa requirements of that country. The bad news here is that Pakistanis can’t directly apply for a visa. Hence, the only way possible is to consult the consulate and apply for a consular visa. Make sure that you are a passport holder. Your passport must not expire for another 6 months after you step into Oman. Otherwise, your application for a work visa for Oman will be rejected. Work visa for Oman requires a photo which is 2 x 2 inches. The background must be white and your head must not be covered unless your religion commands you to. Most importantly, the photo must be fresh. An important advance tip here would be to inform you about the passport after you spend some time there in Oman. If your passport is expected to expire after a month then renew it as soon as possible at the fees of 6 OMR. If you are found to stay in Oman with expired passport then the fine would be 100 OMR. Better safe than sorry. You may have to provide further details when taking a minor with you abroad. A minor can’t leave any country without the consent of both parents. Also, there is a form you will be asked to fill at the consulate. After you submit the form, the period of waiting for begins. Release of work visa for Oman may take a few days as well as a few months.

Responsibility: As an airport worker you will have multiple job opportunities. You can excel in any field. Make sure you apply as soon as possible whenever you see a vacancy. In Oman, the airports have a strict security policy and you will have to perform your duties accordingly. With zero mistake margin, you will need to have a close check on progress.

How to Apply?  As mentioned earlier, you will need to make a visit to the consulate and fill the form which is quite detailed. Make sure you mention all details correctly. In case of any wrong detail, strict action is taken by the consulate. Leaving areas in the form blank, misspelt, wrongly filled or filling controversial answers can obviously lead to rejection of the application. Since we know that it takes a lot of time for the approval of work visa for Oman, therefore, ensure the proper entry of details. After months of wait, it often rejects. Thus, properly fill your form so that it is worth the wait. Pakistan is already not eligible for a work visa for Oman and a controversial response while filling the form can totally eliminate your chance. You will be charged 6 OMR for a work visa for Saudi Arabia.

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