The airports of UAE speak of the luxury it has earned and invested throughout the years. Today the airports of UAE resemble the castles of Arabs. Arabs are known to spend money on a very royal style. Well, the airports depict the truth about this trait. With world-class constructing material, a state-of-the-art architecture is brought to reality from imagination. Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Mateen International Airport and the others have been witnessing flights landing and taking offs since ages. Every year hundreds of employees are recruited in these airports. Since the work of renovating, furnishing and expanding of these airports is a continuous process. To achieve flawless output ideal trimming airports is required. Thus, with the expansion come hundreds of job opportunities. Now it has become easier to apply for a work visa for the UAE. Apply now and secure your future.

Work responsibilities at the airport: There are hundreds of jobs at airports in UAE. Different jobs require different skills and experience. It is a chance to give up your comfort zone and experiment with your limits of skills and talent. This is how you will be able to learn and move forward. The airport has numerous areas. From the department of controlling, security, technical facilities, cleaning, store managers, garages, ground staff and announcers, jobs are scattered. There is one thing common in each of these jobs: To be attentive and give your fullest. You will have to be co-operative so that it doesn’t become difficult for you to interact with seniors, fellow workers and most importantly the passengers. An idea of working as a team is important. Most of the tasks are not to be done individually and requires the presence of your team.

Go through the documents and compile them: This is your most important priority after you consider going to UAE for a job at the airport. Don’t leave this task until the end. In the end, you would panic and there would be so many things to do that you will lose your way out. Therefore do it on the very side. Leaving it for later will worsen the situation and you will forget a document or two surely. Firstly check that your passport is valid or not. If the expiry is somewhere in the upcoming 6 to 8 months then renew it a soon as possible because it is not supposed to expire 6 months after your arrival in the UAE. Contact the Embassy of the UAE in the USA to issue you stamped educational and health certificates. Get a few copies of your employment contract each in Arabic, English and your native language (if it is different from English).

How to proceed? Revise and cross-check all the information which you will have to enter in the online application form. At the Ministry of Labor in the UAE, your employer will file for your approval to work in UAE. After your application is approved they will provide you with a Pink visa also called Entry Permit Visa. Since this visa holds a validity of 2 months, therefore, you will have ample time to go through the remaining procedure. Upon the application for your employer, you will be given your Labor ID with a validity of 2 years. This is enough to proceed for a residence visa. For work, permit go to the Emirates ID Service Center where it is stamped on your passport.

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