The computer being a vital contemporary part of today’s life is used to perform a massive amount of tasks, such as keeping the office and business record, writing, printing, searching and keep contracts and deals in there. Apart from that, it is used in educational purposes and banks and commercial units.

Canada, as a developed country of North America, accommodates many industries, educational institutes, offices and malls that it uses the computer in many different ways in different tasks.

But to operate this sophisticated computer, a highly qualified and professional computer operator is required by Canada to run their PCs and mainframes. This increase the demand of computer operators in not only Canada but other developed countries too.

No doubt that these computer-related jobs are the best option as these jobs are done in a comfortable environment along with more different benefits and better salary also.

On the one hand, there is high demand regarding this job, and on the other hand, there are many vacancies available in this field, as every company and every person is looking for a more professional and experienced person for this work.

To apply for computer operating jobs, all we need to do is ask for the computer operator work visa for Canada.


Visa requirements for a different job but same country are the same, not much change. So just like before visa requirements for computer operator work visa in Canada are these:

1)    Fluent English speaking.

2)    LMIA to be taken from Canada with the help of your agents.

3)    Valid passport for computer operator works visa.

4)    2 passport size pictures.

5)    A job offer letter and work permit ( if not going for permanent time)

6)    In case, going for continuous-time, then you will need to go for a resident visa and must fulfil migration needs and forms.

7)    Of course, your CV/Resume and evidence that you are qualified enough for that job


The first necessary step that you need to follow is to hire a trustful agent who is going to help you out in each process regarding a work visa.

Then the other steps are as follow:

•    Firstly, a Canadian sponsor is going to provide with a job offer letter and LMIA.

•    Secondly, the person who is going Canada will fill out the forms regarding his residency in Canada.

•    Then all these documents; visa form, job sponsor letter and other materials must be given in the Canada embassy along with the visa process fee receipt.

•    When all the essential tasks are fulfilled, then an interview date will be given to the person, and on that day, his/her interview will be conducted.


Before you apply for a visa must know, that what are the prerequisites of this job, apart from visa requirements.

Its requirements are as follow:

•    Canadian companies want experienced and qualified persons for this job.

•    Computer operator should have a computer diploma from a relevant and renowned institute.

•    Abilities, proficiency and experience level should be according to the requirement of the employer.

•    Typing skill and data entry skills are just so that the person can cope and manage with the work speed of the office


Well, a computer operator is considered a multi-tasker as he is given all types of work-related to computer starting from errors, bugs to troubleshooting malfunction. Any document issue. Any action related to printing or writing as well as helping users by answering their queries and invocation.

So in simple and least words, any computer-related work can be given to a computer operator, and right or better results are expected as always.

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