Canada is an excellent place for literate and talented migrants as well as for Canada’s people too. It is a place full of industrial work on a colossal scale and in bulk amount. Then again, not only industries and factories are there but a lot of agricultural and farming work along with a high output of products.

Being a part of North America and a developed country it is one of the busiest countries. It possesses many different resources, either natural or artificial, both.

Due to its well-being and evolution, Canada gets immigrants and visitors from all over the world for their respective business. They all need a mean of transportation to go from one place to another or from the airport to their specific or corresponding site.

Apart from that for Canada’s import and export business, they need truck transport and so much more. So, we can see that aside from those significant job opportunities Canada requires workers for driving work, which can be a taxi driver, truck driver or a daily bus driver etc. you can find apps like Uber too as a taxi driving work. Just like in other fields, Canada is an excellent opportunity to look in for these driving work. If you want to partake in this job in Canada, then you have to go and apply for driving work visa for Canada. But as it is considered as an unskilled profession, so there is not any specific or particular visa for this category.


Visa requirements for driving work visa in Canada are somewhat similar to that of security guard job and slightly different in other points. So visa requirements for driving work in Canada are:

1)    Fluent English speaking.

2)    LMIA is vital in each, and every job works visa.

3)    A valid passport for driving work visa.

4)    Passport size pictures.

5)    Health and physical fitness certificate from the acceptable hospital.

6)    A work permit is also required.

7)    A clean criminal record.

8)    Job sponsor letter.

Some other important points are:

•    If you want to go for truck driving, then you need to go through TFWP (temporary foreign workers program) because a specific visa for truck drivers is not present.

•    Age limit is more than 25 years and till 45-55 years.

•    Education must be up to 12th grade.

•    Vehicle license is essential according to the job. If going for taxi driving then not much professional consent is required just 1, 2 or 4 class driving license. If going for truck driving, then a high-class permit, which is class 4 or E license, is required.

•    The driver should also know how to speak French along with English (especially taxi drivers).


Applying for driving work visa for Canada starts with the initial stage of hiring an agent for yourself and the whole procedure. Other steps are as follow:

1)    The employer from Canada who is employing the oversea foreigners first provides the work permit and LMIA.

2)    The person applying for the job fills out some forms related to his residency in Canada.

3)    Filling out visa procedure forms

4)    After completing all legal structures along with the job sponsor letter, LMIA and visa form, they have to be submitted in Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt.

5)    When the necessary actions are taken, you will be given an interview date on which you will be cross-examined.

And that is all.


By just reading the sentence “Driving Work Responsibilities” we already know what are and can be the duty of person doing this work.

A truck driver needs to do these works:

•    Working in industries for transporting material here and there.

•    Doing export and import by road after the shipment.

•    Loading and unloading.

•    Truck drivers should maintain their trucks new as always.

Then, there comes the duties and responsibilities of a taxi driver:

•    First of all, they need to be short-tempered and cooperative with the passengers.

•    They can be full time or part-time available.

•    They need to keep a check of their vehicles and keep it perfect.

•    They should know how to repair and clean different parts, like brakes.

•    They should know about the destination points of the passenger.

•    Do the loading and unloading of passenger’s luggage.

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