Saudi Arabia has earned enough expertise in building the transport sector. The transport departments of public and private interests are running with a team of professional drivers who are either locals or foreigners. With each passing day, the investment in this field is cementing more and more development. Therefore, for each transport company drivers are required on a stand by position every minute of the day. Since Saudi Arabia is a country full of business running throughout the day. Therefore, drivers are an immediate requirement at the moment. There is no margin to wait for already working driving to get spare time as they already are assigned with multiple tasks each day.

Visa requirements for a work visa for Saudi Arabia: If you are willing to work as a driver in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then it is necessary to hold the work visa for Saudi Arabia. The first and most important requirement is to be a passport holder. Check the expiry date of your passport and make sure it is beyond six to nine months after you step into the country. Other than a valid passport you must have photos of 2 x 2 inches. These photos must be latest and not older than 6 months. An academic certificate, medical certificate, letter of good conduct, letter of authorization, employment certificate, consent form of both parents in case of travelling with a minor and lastly, a clean and clear criminal record of past 6 months are required. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia will sign and stamp these documents. After stamping, you can provide them for the visa procedure. Don’t forget that all the documents must be original. In case the documents are found to be fake the procedure for a work visa for Saudi Arabia halts.

Responsibilities of a driver: A driver in Saudi Arabia makes a good earning. For that, the load is also bearable. You would be busy all day and even nights. In the days when the country is religiously active for the performance of religious obligations and festive occasions there would be extra earning. It would be your duty to pick and drop the passengers safely without giving them a chance of complaint. People from all around the globe visit Saudi Arabia for various reason, therefore, you must be able to communicate with them in an easy manner.

How to apply for a work visa for Saudi Arabia? The tacky part of work visa for Saudi Arabia is to compile, stamp and sign the documents. After you complete that stage the rest is easy. Follow a reliable link for an online form where you will have to provide your basic information. The form comprises of mandatory fields to fill about your academic, professional and personal life. Provide correct information and it is better to double-check them from the documents. Upload scanned documents. Make the payment and submit the form.

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