In a residential spot like the free port of UAE is a place where there no job has limitations. Every job comes with good earnings because the workload is too good to neglect. More work means more earning. As the developers and well-wishers of UAE planned to drag all the emirates out of the deserts and put it into luxury and well-built infrastructure there came a flood of jobs because someone had to the jobs. Since UAE is a country where there the population is limited therefore, the workforce can’t be managed from the population given. For this very purpose, workers are imported from various countries around the world. This came out as a package for the unemployed people on a global level. With a little effort, the work visa of UAE became easy to issue. Now thousands of people work as drivers in the UAE. Driving is a job which can stretch its parameters itself.

Parameters of responsibilities of a driver: In UAE, tourism, business and residential business is at its full swing. Construction is going on at an unimaginable pace. You sleep at night without anything on the plain grounds but when you wake up a glassy and shiny building is rooted there. The point is that everything is quick. Not only quick but manageable. You can grab your work visa for UAE as soon a possible and get started with work. If you end up as a taxi driver, you will have ample time and no restrictions to expand your distance and thus the earning. If you end up in a tourism company, you can avail good money by exploring new areas and guiding the tourists. All you have to be good at is driving. A responsible attitude with fluent communication is also required.

 What do I start with? Start with the documents. There is no way you can proceed without documents. You will have to fill an online form for the application of work visa for UAE hence make sure all the information entered matches the one mentioned in documents. A few fresh 2×2 inches of photographs must be available. These photos must not be old or clicked at an informal angle. Check the expiry of your passport. If it is about to expire in the next 6 months of your expected arrival in UAE then make sure you urgently refresh it otherwise it will be rejected. Now issue your educational certificate and health certificate from the Embassy of UAE. Get three copies of your employment contract one in each language; Native language, English and Arabic.

What to do after compiling documents? As soon as you compile documents and go through the information you have to enter in the form you are ready for the procedure. Apply online and fill the form. Ask your employer to receive your approval and Pink visa from the Ministry of Labor. This visa will be valid for 2 months. You will be free to enter the UAE now. Apply for your labor card so that in the 2 years span you can carry on with the procedure. Now show your Pink visa and passport at the Emirates ID Service Centre and get a form which has to be typed at any typing center. Show your educational and health certificates at the immigration office and they will stamp your work visa for UAE on your passport. This will put an end to the long procedure. You are now legally a worker in UAE.

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