UAE has emerged on a global scale as a very smartly planned country. Each state of the UAE is very well settled at its place. A number of aspects have made the UAE eligible for the interests of businessmen and investors from all around the world. Known for the hold of Sheikhs and Arabs this place invites everyone to shake hands in expanding the parameters of economical approaches. Thus, as the contributions are made and new setups are installed new job opportunities emerge. Already UAE has numerous vacancies for multiple job posts. With more establishments, this number further increases. Interestingly, the UAE has looked into the idea of putting up factories. Now the number of factories is increasing rapidly giving out more and more job opportunities. As soon as you see an advertisement for the job of factory worker go through it and apply for a work visa for UAE because the sooner you avail the better your chances are to get hired!

What will you be responsible for? After you go through the advertisement and the criteria and job requirement matches your interest you will have to start compiling documents and relevant information so that the procedure to apply for a work visa for UAE can begin. Before that, you must know about your responsibilities as a factory worker. A factory can be of anything. It can be a food factory or a manufacturing factory. Depending upon the specialty you will work. Generally, you will need to take care of all the instructions given to you about the raw materials, processes and the final product to be delivered. All the products should be very fine in quality. You must be good at team-work. Since all the work is divided among all the workers hence you will have to coordinate properly with them. You must be a good learner as operating machines will be taught to you for a few days. After that, you will be fluent in any work you get.

Confused about requirements for a work visa for UAE? Usually, when people apply for a work visa for UAE they are confused about the documents and certificates. Stay calm and collect each one of them in order. A valid passport with an expiry date beyond 6 months and fresh passport size photographs are the basic requirements. Next, three employment certificates in English, Arabic and applicant’s native language is required. Valid educational certificates and health certificates which need to be signed and stamped at the Embassy of UAE in the USA. Lastly, a residence visa otherwise you won’t be permitted to work.

Follow this easy procedure for a work visa for UAE: The process begins with filling out the online form for a work visa for UAE. Next, your employer has to contact the Ministry of Labor where he will apply for approval. After they approve your request, they will issue you an Entry Permit Visa which will allow you to enter the premises of UAE. Now you can stay in the UAE for 2 months. As soon as you enter UAE, your employer will apply for the issuance of your Labor Card which is valid for 2 years. Now you have to go to the Emirates ID Service Centre where you will be given a form which you will have to get typed from any typing centre. You are now eligible to apply for a residence visa at the Immigration Office. Provide your educational and health certificates. Finally, your work visa for UAE will be stamped on your passport. You can stay and work in the UAE as a factory worker.  

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