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Factory workers visa for Canada. Canada is a part of North America. It is a developed and modernized country. Canada is a first world country, trading import and export with other countries. A lot of manufacturing work is going in Canada for its people as well as for stock exchange purposes too.

There are a lot of large-scale and small-scale factories found in Canada, which are producing a considerable amount of product. Canada possesses trading on a colossal scale, and we can see the scoop of factory related work there on a higher level.

You can find plenty of jobs related to factory work ranging from top post to the lower local ones. You can find job advertisements for these work anywhere; in the newspaper, on company websites etc.


Visa requirements for factory work job are somewhat complicated as compared to other tasks like farming and agriculture. There are different needs of it, which includes:

  1. The primary and essential point is fluent English speaking.
  2. LMIA is necessary to get from Canada.
  3. A valid passport for security guard work visa.
  4. Passport size pictures.
  5. Health and physical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.
  6. Age must be 18+.
  7. A work permit is a must.
  8. Education must be completed up to 12th grade, i.e. high school/college education. Other than that, it also varies from one position and level to a different degree and status.


To apply for the factory work visa in Canada, the initial step is hiring a trustable agent who is going to help you in all of the processes. The process of applying for a visa is as follow:

  • You need an agent from Canada who takes care of working from Canada.
  • You need to perform some work to hire a place for your residency in Canada.
  • The third step includes submitting all documentation, visa form, job offer letter and LMIA in your Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt.
  • The last step is to wait to get a particular date for the interview and giving your best in it.

NOTE: If applying online for a job, then definitely your number. Email address etc. will be given or else not.


Work and responsibilities are in variety in a factory and depend on you that for what kind of work are you applying.

If you are applying for a service technician, then you have to go for the maintenance of work and machinery repair. You will face flexible shifts every day. You have to make a complete daily report.

You can go as a telecommunication technician. You will have to maintain a communicational bond with customers and listen to their complaints. Sometimes you will have to travel or have to work outdoors.

You can be CCTV technician, but for this, you need to fulfil specific requirements, which are as follow, you need to satisfy:

  • Criminal police information check (CPIC)
  • Background check
  • Minimum age and education.

Your responsibility is to keep a keen eye everywhere through CCTV and be on high alert always to not let happen mishap, robbery etc.

You can apply for production workers. All they have to do is look if products are manufactured correctly without any mistake, and pack them in bundles or plastic bags. To make sure of the hygiene and neatness of the product. In some factories production workers also handle the work of mixing the ingredients in the appropriate amount and at the time.

You can be a general worker, whose job is simple to clean the working area and other errands like removing defected pieces etc.

And so there are so many more other vacancies in factory work in Canada, so what are you waiting for go and grab the job which suits you best.

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