We all are fully aware that Canada is a remarkable country in aspects of migration to a better place, education and métier. Talking about jobs, Canada is full of different opportunities in every single field from big ones like IT (Information technology), industries up to smaller ones like agriculture and farming.

We already know that this country is found on the second number to have a large number of forest and crops in the whole world. Forest and all occupy approximately 40% of its land.

So without any uncertainty, Canada needs and enrols more foreigners to fulfil all the responsibilities and overhaul all of its farms and crops.

To get hired for these farming jobs in Canada, a person needs to get a farmworker visa, which is also known as level C as well as D visas. This visa is a seasonal work visa for Canada and is available in vast quantity because a developed country needs more people who can take care of their livestock, farms, crops etc. So, we can perceive this visa under the titles of General Farm Worker, Harvesting labourer, aquaculture worker, pet groomers and animal caretakers. It is the most popular visa among those people who are not much educated because it does not require much qualification.


 Visa requirements for farmworker are not that high nor difficult but easy. Visa prerequisites are the following:

1)    If talking about qualification than it does not require much of it but only till secondary high school (also not much necessary in many cases).

2)    Fluent English speaking skills.

3)    Job and visa applier need to have LMIA (labour market impact assessment) from Canada, which is taken with the help of your agent.

4)    LMIA number is necessary.

5)    Valid passport for farm worker visa.

6)    Approximately two passport size photos.

7)    Health and physical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.

8)    Job contract and job offer letter are also vital.


First of all, to apply for a farm worker visa, you need a trustworthy agent through which you will be connecting and contacting any Canadian employer who offers you a job in his/her farm. So the procedure is as follow:

•    First, the Canadian employer will provide you with the job offer sponsor letter or LMIA will also help in it.

•    The person who is going Canada also needs possession of any place to live so, for this, he needs to fill out the respective forms to find a place to live in Canada.

•    After filling appropriate forms, job offer letter and visa form, they must be submitted to the Canadian embassy by that respective person.

•    But do not forget to attach the visa processing fee with all the documents.

•    When these necessary tasks are done visa officer will appoint a day, on that day interview will be conducted (the essential part).

And THAT’S IT! Now all you have to wait is for the visa to be ready for you.

NOTE: basically farm worker visas are on temporary bases, not permanent bases because when they face the labour shortage and need more people for drudgery, then they permit for farm worker visas.

As we have already told you that farm worker visas are seasonal visas and they depend upon the type of season in Canada, so availability of its job relies on the season of crops and fruits.

Farm work includes:

•    Farming

•    Harvesting

•    Taking care of livestock

•    Marine collection

•    Doing aqua culturing along with agriculture.

•    Maintain farm with the help of machinery.

Everyday duties are also, which includes:

•    Cleaning stables

•    Cleaning barns and workplaces

•    Preparing land for vegetables and crop growing.

•    Spraying, fertilizing

•    Loading and unloading

•    Hay forming

And many more.

So basically a person must be talented and strong enough to perform these task in a flash of an eye

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