Framing in UAE? Yes farming in UAE. Long gone are the days when UAE was all about the sterile and sandy land where nothing could be cultivated. UAE was known for its water transport and camel rides in deserts. Oasis did exist but of course, they couldn’t be cultivated limitlessly. After the UAE worked about its initial development slowly the cultivation and agricultural aspects were also put under the radar of establishment. Since every area and every field took a great flight of success then how could UAE neglect the power of agriculture? Every year hundreds of farmers are introduced to the land of organic farming. In a fresh environment where the UAE exhibits the best of it, these farmers get a chance to make a living out of it.

Responsibilities of a farmer in UAE: In the mid-90s the UAE used to import a lot of food products. Now it doesn’t. Tones of tomatoes, mangoes, eggplants, cauliflowers and cabbages are being cultivated. All the authorities are handed over to the farmers. They are responsible for a healthy yield. No matter what the farmers require everything is supplied to them in bulk quantity and made sure that none of it is misused. Farmers are trained to understand the proper use and application of sprays, fertilizers, anti-pesticides and weedicides etc. Farmers must have the skill to judge the growth and development of plants. Also, the kind of soil required for each crop and the kind of climatic conditions that a crop requires are the responsibilities of a farmer. Knowing the facts about the contagious diseases and the talent to eradicate them before they spread and infect the entire crop is also a bonus requirement. Using experience and with hard work, there is no doubt that a farmer can make his job permanent in UAE>

Requirements for a work visa for UAE: To apply for a work visa for UAE you must have a valid passport. Check and recheck the expiry date of your passport. Without it, you can’t leave your country. Some decent passport size photos with a white background are also required. These photos must not be ages old. Contact the Embassy of UAE to receive your authenticated educational and health certificates. You will have to show these at the Immigration Office in UAE to receive your work visa for the UAE. Lastly, your working contract. This contract will ensure your purpose to leave your country for UAE.

How to apply for a work visa for UAE? Most people get confused about the process. Know that half of it is completed in your country while the remaining in the UAE. In the USA, fill online form for a work visa for UAE. When you land at the airport of UAE receive your Entry Permit Visa to enter the UAE legally. There you will also receive your Labor Card which will expire after 2 months. Now contact the immigration office whereupon showing the educational and health certificates and passport your work visa will be handed over to you.

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