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Farmer’s Work Visa for Malaysia has come a long way to reach new heights of development. Still, the roots of its economy are embedded in the agricultural norms. Since the very beginning, Malaysia has contributed to the agricultural benefits. A huge part of its economy is being run by the agricultural contribution. Around 12% of its GDP is derived from farming and agriculture. Farming of the cocoa and palm oil have been the biggest exporting subject for Malaysia. With the untiring efforts of Malaysian farmers, the agricultural outlook has been expanded to several acres. Now the shortage of farmers is being fulfilled by the recruitment of foreign farmers. In Malaysia, farmers are given the authority to run the yields and manage fields their way. With full co-operation and maximum attention no doubt the yields are the best in the world.

What does a farmer do in Malaysia? In Malaysia, when foreigners are recruited as farmers they make sure each one of them is trained. Under the supervision of experienced farmers, they practice farming. They are provided all the fertilizers, pesticides and other agriculture-related products so that they can make themselves familiar with the use. Deep knowledge and understanding of the plants especially cocoa and palm oil are very important to make your position permanent in Malaysia. You will be rewarded for the tough routine and hard work. In Malaysia, farming is facilitated by the most modern technology. Unlike other Asian countries where farming is not given much importance Malaysia make sure to make it as easier as possible.

Documents required for a Farmers Work work visa for Malaysia: Before you apply for the work visa for Malaysia know that you will need to provide a list of documents to proceed further. If you don’t present any document the process will be cancelled and you will have to apply again. Instead of wasting time it is better to be at the safe side and work on the documents and details beforehand. The first thing to be checked is your passport. Your passport should not expire for exactly the next 3 years after you arrive in Malaysia. If your passport has an expiry date within the range of 3 years then it needs to be renewed. Renewal is not a time-consuming process at all. The procedure also requires some paperwork. This paperwork will first require your photographs. Each photograph must be taken fresh. The size of photographs is the same used for passports. Get a few copies of your employment contract as you will be required to attach one with the application form. Since your company must be able to pay your salaries and taxes, therefore, proof in this regard is required. Before applying for the work visa for Malaysia clear all your taxes. A statement of income tax return is also required to show that you are a taxpayer. Thus, paying tax is important.

Now, apply for a Farmer’s work visa for Malaysia: Simply open the link available on the Malaysian Embassy website. Fill the form and don’t forget to attach your employment contract. In a few days, you will be called to receive your Farmer’s work visa for Malaysia.

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