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Canada is counted in those countries, which are hugely developed in the field of business. We find companies in Canada, which are of hundred million worth. Under these colossal merchandising, many people are employed in different types of side jobs, which are somehow related and helpful to that actual business. One of them is being on the front desk or help desk.

A massive quantity of businesses means the bulk amount of help desk jobs, which allows you to polish your skills, enhance yourself along with your finances because this job is worth a try with a decent salary.


Visa requirements for help desk work in Canada are not that high nor difficult but easy. Visa prerequisites are the following:

1)   Education must be to postgraduate.

2)   A person requires Fluent English speaking skills.

3)   Job and visa applier need to have LMIA from Canada, which is taken with the help of your agent.

4)   LMIA number is necessary.

5)   Valid passport.

6)   Approximately two passport size photos.

7)   Health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.

8)   Job contract and job offer letter are also vital.


First of all, to apply for help desk work in Canada, you need a trustworthy agent through which you will be connecting and contacting any Canadian employer who offers you a job in his/her company as a help desk worker. So the procedure is as follow:

•   First, the Canadian employer will provide you with the job offer sponsor letter or LMIA will also help in it.

•   The person who is going Canada also needs possession of any place to live so, for this, he needs to fill out the respective forms to find a place to live in Canada.

•   After filling appropriate forms, job offer letter and visa form, they must be submitted to the Canadian embassy by that respective person.

•   But do not forget to attach the visa processing fee with all the documents.

•   When these necessary tasks are done visa officer will appoint a day, on that day interview will be conducted (the essential part).

And THAT’S IT! Now all you have to wait is for the visa to be ready for you.


Once you are given the seat of help desk work most of the outcome of the company or work will depend on you, if you are polite and co-operative to your customers, made them satisfied then they will be willing to go further in to that particular company and will be happy with your services, which means you made a regular customer. You will not only deal them face to face but on websites, E-mails and on telephones too. This job looks complicated, but it is handy. All you need to have is:

·      Extrovertly behaviour

·      Polite and co-operative nature.

·      Co-ordination with the customers.

·      Patience in listening to their complaints.

If you have these qualities, then you are perfect for this position and can efficiently perform this task. So, don’t waste your time and apply for IT!

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