Oman has become a home to a series of software houses. A number of IT companies and software hubs have utilized the talent and experience of candidates from all around the world to become one of the most leading countries in the software race. Every IT company is incomplete without a valid help desk service. Each company, even those which are not IT-based, depends on the help desk for forwarding relevant details and solving queries of people who approach them.  Help desk only requires people who have sufficient knowledge about their field and have command over the basic skills for communicating details. Many individuals who are IT degree or diploma holders apply for this job as they find it a way of excelling in the particular area of their field. You can browse advertisements for help desk over the internet.

Visa requirements for a work visa for Oman: Before you move on to apply and fill forms for help desk jobs at Oman’s leading software companies here are some details you should know about work visa for Oman. Work visa for Oman is by far the only important document which you would need for crossing boundaries otherwise there is no way to leave your country and enter another. In order to fill the form online, assemble all the required documents beforehand. In case of not having documents at the last moment, your procedure might extend a bit because of a tiny carelessness. Prepare all the documents ad details prior to the final application. Your passport should be valid for the next 6 months after your arrival in Oman. If the expiry date does not match the required criteria then your application will not progress. The latest set of photographs which must be fresh, a digital scan of passport and a functional email ID where the confirmatory email will be sent, are the essentials required. For payment debit card or credit card is used. In case you don’t have them, a PayPal, WeChat or Alipay account is also accepted.

Responsibilities of help desk: Working at the help desk of any company puts a lot of responsibility on you. You become a connection between the customer, client, supplier and the company. You are supposed to forward every detail to the person who approaches you. Basically, help desk makes sure there is no confusion or query about work, employees, orders and deliveries. The help desk provides assistance in solving any query.

How to apply for a work visa for Oman? Applying for Oman is not a big issue as the procedure doesn’t require a lot of work.  There are three types of procedures which you can opt according to your choice. There is a standard procedure which costs $80, a rush procedure that costs $132 and a super rush procedure that costs $162. Depending upon the time limit of your need you can avail any of them. Simply fill the form online where you will have to provide basic information about yourself, revise the information provided, make payment and upload your documents. Shortly, the visa is sent through email in PDF.

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