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Canada is a part of North America, is a vast country. Because it is a developed country, financially stable, a terrene country, a place of great interest to business people, tourists, students and migrants etc. it hosts the bulk amount of guests, travelers and sightseers. A large area is required for the stay and residence of these people, and that is why Canada possesses enormous hotels throughout Canada, but especially in tourists or picnic places.

Canadian hotel services are best in the world, whether it is a pearl continental or a local one. To maintain their hotels and motels, they need to recruit many foreigners as a manager, cleaner, chef, waiters, and dishwashers, horticulturists for hotels’ gardens, waitress, and financers and so on.

There are many job advertisements found which are just about hotel jobs. So there is a big opportunity that you can easily find a job regarding this field. Just look for your type of appropriate job and post and apply for it, but don’t forget to ask for its visa too.


Visa requirements for a different job but same country are the same, not much change. So just like before visa requirements for hotel work visa for Canada are these:

  1. Fluent English speaking.
  2. LMIA to be taken from Canada with the help of your agents.
  3. Valid passport for computer operator works visa.
  4. 2 passport size pictures.
  5. A job offer letter and work permit ( if not going for permanent time)
  6. In case, going for continuous-time, then you will need to go for a resident visa and must fulfil migration needs and forms.
  7. Of course, your CV/Resume and evidence that you are qualified enough for that job.


The first necessary step that you need to follow is to hire a trustful agent who is going to help you out in each process regarding a work visa.

Then the other steps are as follow:

  • Firstly, a Canadian sponsor is going to provide with a job offer letter and LMIA.
  • Secondly, the person who is going Canada will fill out the forms regarding his residency in Canada.
  • Then all these documents; visa form, job sponsor letter and other materials must be given in the Canada embassy along with the visa process fee receipt.
  • When all the essential tasks are fulfilled, then an interview date will be given to the person, and on that day, his/her interview will be conducted.


The responsibilities and requirements of hotel work vary from post to post.

If you are going as a chef, then you are having this most significant responsibility of making people your regular customers by providing them with tasty food, and make them happy. Its requirements include:

  • Experience of about five years.
  • Know about both traditional east dishes as well as all Canadian and Chinese foods.
  • Age matters in this job. Age requirement is below 40.
  • They must have approximately one year experience of outside their homeland or home country.

If you are going as a manager, then you must know all the management and organizational skills. You have to polite to everyone around you. Keep a record of everything. Coordinate with customers and listen to their complaints and act accordingly, and many more. The requirements for a hotel manager are as follow:

  • 3 to 8 years of experience.
  • Education must be till BHM-hotel management.
  • Must have analyzing skills.
  • Age must be below 40.

If you are going as a receptionist, then you have to deal with every type of individual or family, have to be polite, helpful, keep track of guests arriving and leaving, register and assign everyone their respective room, taking care of payments etc. requirements are as follow:

  • Education must be post-graduate.
  • Age must be from 25 to 30.
  • Women are most favoured for this vacancy.
  • Easy but fluent speaking skills in a different language for the arriving guest, but remember primary language is English.

Then there are other posts, like waiter and waitress and cleaners etc. they do not require much education, but English speaking skills are a must. Polite behaviour and fast service are needed with punctuality.

Now go and look, which job suits you best, and which one would you like to get.

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