Aren’t we all aware of the wondrous collaboration of UAE in the area of tourism? Today the entire world is aware of the best tourism country. From the glass castles to the exotic beaches, UAE serves you everything in one platter. All seven states of UAE, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have become the centres of vacations. With growing awareness and hype about traditional vacations in the UAE, the number of tourists is increasing. Years back it was barely an idea to promote tourism. But today, the hotels are booked months in advance. The hotels in the UAE offer you to dine with clouds. The sky-touching buildings with a spectacular outlook are simply irresistible. However, the staff is always short. Therefore, it is your golden chance to apply for the job of hotel worker and begin a life in the world’s most demanded place where you can earn double or maybe triple than what you earn now.

Is the work at hotel burden? Unlike numerous hotels all around the world, the ones you will end up working in UAE are miraculously very sophisticated. You will not have to worry about the extra hours or extra burden. You will be paid enough to keep you motivated. Your job will require you to have polished speaking skills. You must be good at English and/or Arabic. You must be aware of the art to deal with different clients and customers. Respecting each client is your utmost responsibility. In case of any mishap, you can inform the management to look into the matter. The jobs in the hotel also vary. It depends on your interest, skills and expertise that which job you will have to do. Once you prove yourself excellent you will be promoted with increment and bonus.

What you would need for a work visa for UAE? Applicants tend to overlook some important documents. Denying their importance can lead to rejection of your application. Save your time and collect all the documents and certificates so that your work is done smoothly. Make sure all the documents and entered information is 100% correct. If found fake or invalid, you will be rejected. A valid passport which has expiry date nowhere in 6 months after you arrive in UAE is important. In this case, renew your passport as soon as possible before you apply. Some fresh photographs with white background and no accessories or filters are also required. Authentic professional, educational and health certificates which have to be signed and stamped by the Embassy of UAE in the USA. Without a residence visa, you will not be granted work visa for UAE. The procedure for residence visa is described with that of work visa for UAE below.

How to apply for a work visa for UAE? Start by issuing approval from the Ministry of Labor. This is done by your employer. After approval, the ministry will issue you an Entry Permit Visa. This is also called Pink Visa. With the help of this visa, you will be able to enter the UAE. It is valid for 2 months. In these 2 months, you will behave to conduct all formalities required for a residence visa. Also, your employer will issue you Labor ID card which is valid for 2 years. With your passport and Pink visa go to Emirates ID Service Centre where they will provide you with a form. Then type that form at any typing center. Now apply for residence visa which you will get easily.

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