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Phone operator work visa for Canada. This whole world is connected through a bundle of wires and their connections to keep in touch for their work. Just like that Canada, being one of the known trade sites and business site to all other countries from the globe also needs this connection to communicate with other states and nations and keep their merchandising smooth and steady.

This network of phones and telephones has become one of the essential parts of daily life, especially on higher Pro-forma. To prevent these networks from collapsing, there are its operators in the background, which keep on examining them.

Since Canada possesses a large part of this phone/telephone network, so it requires and recruits more foreigners to consummate the need of phone operators in behind the scene.

You can find advertisements regarding phone operator work everywhere from newspapers to websites. So go and grab your job before it’s TOO LATE!


Work visa requirements for Canada are same there maybe just slight changes but only in some.

So the prerequisites for phone operator work visa for Canada are:

  1. Fluent English speaking skills.
  2. LMIA (as it is essential when applying for any job).
  3. A valid passport.
  4. Passport size pictures.
  5. Health and physical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.
  6. A work permit is a must.
  7. Pure and clean criminal record.
  8. Job sponsor letter.
  9. Education depends upon the type of job you are applying for, but the necessary start of qualification is 12th grade, and so on according to your post.
  10. Your academic documents photocopy should be there with your visa and other documents.


We all know the essential and first step to do is to hire a trustworthy agent for this whole procedure who is going to keep contact with the Canadian agent. Other actions are as follow:

  • The employer from Canada who is employing the oversea foreigners first provides the work permit and LMIA.
  • The person applying for the job fills out some forms related to his residency in Canada.
  • Filling out visa procedure forms
  • After completing all legal structures along with the job sponsor letter, LMIA and visa form, they have to be submitted in Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt 
  • After completing all legal structures along with the job sponsor letter, LMIA and visa form, they have to be submitted in Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt

And that is all.


Being a phone operator is a simple job yet complicated at the same time. All you have to do is to keep the network clean and bright, i.e. do not let them get interfered or interrupted due to mixing in each other. You have to gather the record of all arriving and ongoing calls. You can be asked to travel or to go outdoors if there is any problem with phone operating wires and poles.

You should know about two types of phone available in Canada, that are CDMA and GSM along with their frequencies that can be 800, 850 or 1900 MHz so that you can provide the customers with the best one according to their places.

And that’s it. So, go and look for this job, if it fits you.

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