Canada is a first world country, or in simple words, a country with not much political risk and is located in the North America continent. Canada is a vast country and covers a large zone of this continent.

Canada being a developed country and having an enormous population, needs to ensure the security of people living there, their career, assets and many more things. So, for this, Canada requires and hires foreigners for security guard job in different places.

This security guard job and its responsibilities depend and vary with the change of province, so make sure to check and go through all the regions and decide where you want to go. Also, you get to choices in security guard job; armed and unarmed. Choose what is suitable for you to do.

To get a job as a security guard worker in Canada, a person needs to get its visa called a security guard working visa for Canada. But as we have already mentioned that this job varies from province to province, so do the documentation. So, when applying for the visa, keep in mind your territory where you are going and do all the work as required in that particular province, including armed and unarmed security guard choice. Here we are providing you with the list of Canada’s regions:

•    British Columbia

•    Alberta

•    Saskatchewan

•    Manitoba

•    Ontario

•    Quebec

•    New Brunswick

•    Nova Scotia

•    Prince Edward Island (PEI)

•    Newfoundland and Labrador


Visa requirements for security guard job are somewhat complicated as compared to other tasks like farming and agriculture. Again it does not require much education, but there are different needs of it, which includes:

1)    The primary and essential point is fluent English speaking.

2)    LMIA is necessary to get from Canada.

3)    A valid passport for security guard work visa.

4)    Passport size pictures.

5)    Health and physical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.

6)    Age must be 18+.

7)    In some cases, the work permit is also required if any vacant job is not present and a person wants a job.

8)    Education must be completed up to 12th grade, i.e. high school/college education.

Some essential parts, along with the visa, are:

•    The person should have a clean criminal record.

•    Have complete Basic Security training (BTS) with approximately 60% or above in final tests.

•    Along with the pictures, fingerprints must also be given.

With all these documentations, that person will also be applying for Security Worker license, which is one of the most vital parts along with the visa.


To apply for the security guard work visa in Canada, the initial step is hiring a trustable agent who is going to help you in all of the processes. The process of applying for a visa is as follow:

•    You need an agent from Canada who takes care of working from Canada.

•    You need to perform some work to hire a place for your residency in Canada.

•    The third step includes submitting all documentation, visa form, job offer letter and LMIA in your Canadian embassy along with the visa fee receipt.

•    The last step is to wait to get a particular date for the interview and giving your best in it.

NOTE: if applying online for a job, then definitely your number. Email address etc. will be given or else not.


Now we know about requirements and how to apply for security guard work visa but do not forget about your duties and responsibilities. So let’s discuss what type of job and work can be given to you?

A security guard is asked to do his work at different places. Like:

•    Shopping malls

•    Offices

•    Banks

•    Industries

•    Personal guards at the home

•    Police station etc.

A security guard needs to be an excellent observer to keep a keen eye on each and points out suspicious ones. They look after people assets, even their lives. They need to write a daily or weekly report of security and present it to over the top authorities. A security guard is also asked to do tasks like accidents or helping in fire and so much more just like that.

A security guard also does the work of scanning and checking the identity cards. Then there are some professionals in this security guard work who gets promoted and monitors all the camera footage, metal detectors.

 So now you know it is not an easy job but a tough one so if you want to apply for it then be strong and immediately apply for security guard work visa for Canada.

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