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Security Guard Work Visa for Malaysia. Malaysia, security companies require new security guards. The reason that lies behind this shortage is the limitless development of Malaysia. With every passing day, a new building is seen standing around the corner. The need for security has increased. Since Malaysia is counted as a very valuable country, therefore, valuables are supposed to be protected. With the increased demand of the farms as well as the property in Malaysia, the number of security guards is falling short. It is important to realize the pace with which Malaysia is developing. The important aspect is that Malaysia realizes the shortcomings and has opened its doors for foreigners to contribute to further development of Malaysia.

What does a security guard do in Malaysia? A security guard in Malaysia tends to stay occupied throughout the time of duty. Therefore he needs to be very active and dedicated. The job of a security guard is no doubt a tough one. Thus, the Malaysian security companies make sure to pay the best he deserves. The jobs of security guards are not confined to one industry,  they are scattered. From hospitals, banks, companies, entertainment houses, residential plots, government property to various other places. This brings more and more working opportunities for security guards. The vacancies are limitless and don’t end with a few applications. The process of recruitments is a continuous process. Avail your chance and apply now!

Requirements for a work visa for Malaysia: The requirements to apply for the work visa for Malaysia are not very hectic. Unlike in other countries, it is easier to apply. All you need to be careful about is your documents. The certificates and contract issued to you are very important. Get a few copies of passport. But first, check that your passport is not expired or near to expiry date. The passport should expire after 3 years. This means that if 3 complete years are not away you will need to renew your passport. Renewing passport doesn’t take a long time. It is better to be on the safe side. Next, you must have a few copies of your employment contract. This will be proof of the reason you are applying for. You will be required to produce proof to confirm your company’s promise to pay your salaries and taxes. Your company must be running under the regulations of the governing body otherwise no approval will be granted and application will be rejected. For the paperwork, you will need fresh photographs of passport size. You can also use the already available photographs as long as they are not older than 6 months. Lastly, a clear statement of your income tax return is also very important. In case of not paying taxes, you will not be allowed to leave.

Time to apply for a work visa for Malaysia: With no hassles and lengthy procedure fill out the form available on the website of the Malaysian Embassy. Attach your employment certificate and wait for the approval. As soon as your request is approved you will be notified to receive your work visa for Malaysia.

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