The need for security is global. Not only Oman but every country requires security guards for the protection of important assets. Be it a home, park, cinema, school, airport, office, showrooms or any other public or state interest place is supposed to be secured. This security is provided by guards who belong to either local premises or international. The jobs for security guards can never outflow because their demand is always high as one after another in every shift security guards are required all day round. With a little bit digging into newspapers and internet, you can also grab an opportunity.

Visa requirements for a work visa for Oman: Before you head towards the newspapers and internet to find security guard jobs know that you must have a few essential documents ready by your side. These documents are for the procedure of visa. Without a work visa for Oman, you can only dream of working there. No country allows its citizens to leave without a visa. First of all, issue a passport. If you have a passport then check the expiry date which should have a margin of 6 months after your arrival in Oman. Next, print digital photos of yourself. Remember using photos older than 6 months are not allowed. Each photo must be recent. If you don’t own a credit or debit card then issue one. Either of these cards can be used for payment purpose. In case of not having either of these a PayPal, Alipay or WeChat account is enough as well. Lastly, an email address whose password is not forgotten is important. A functional email address should be entered because that is where you will get your visa in PDF format. Since the form you will fill is online therefore make sure you have everything compiled beforehand.

Responsibilities of a security guard: There is no one who is unaware of the responsibilities of a security guard. AA security guard is supposed to take care of the property. Their duty hours vary from the morning shift to night shift. Upon holidays and festive seasons, they might have to do overtime. Unlike other countries, Oman doesn’t believe in underpayment. The security guards are well paid with an added bonus as well. The site for each security guard is either fixed or they are on patrol. In case of catching a person, red-handed guards are supposed to hand over them to the authorities or the police.

How to apply for a work visa for Oman? If the idea of working as a security guard has appealed you and now you are willing to apply for a work visa for Oman then let us tell you that the procedure is pretty simple. No complicated details are required. If your documents are complete then half of the work is done. Since the form is divided into three parts you have to go through them one by one. In the first part provide your personal information. In the second part make the payment. In the third part submit your scanned documents. Now submit the form. You will be sent your visa via email shortly.

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