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Not only the UAE but the entire world is running companies of security. Private security companies have become a word of loyalty and grace. Numerous companies, start-ups, shops, stores, hospitals, entertainment areas, public sectors and residential areas have hired private security guards. Since the UAE is expanding a lot in every dimension. There is a dire need for security. The kind of luxury UAE is knitting in broad daylight makes it even more important to recruit security guards. It has become a golden opportunity for the people around the world as they can apply for this job and earn a decent living out of it. In UAE not only the security guards are favoured for their services towards the community but also they are given the facilities and bonuses they deserve.

What liabilities does a security guard count for? Many people are worried to apply for the job of security guards in the UAE. They must know that UAE has strict policies against any crime and these strict acts make it very safe for the security guards to work in such an atmosphere. Jobs for security guards are not clustered in one place. All, the vacancies are dispersed in different directions. You might end up doing a job at a hospital or even a cinema. But wherever you are sited your job would be to keep things under control. Sometimes a mob breaks out while other times a bunch of alcoholics try to mess up the peace. For such cases, you must be mentally prepared. A vigilant and brave person would be required for this job. Make sure you can handle the crowds and panic in a very easy manner. On holidays, festivals and occasions it becomes even more necessary to stay alert as robberies, stealing and abuses become common.

Guidance about requirements for a work visa for UAE: The documents and certificates you need to apply for a work visa for UAE are not too much. Worry about your passport firstly. It should not be near to its expiry date and when we say ‘near to expiry date’ it means 6 months after you step into the UAE. Get three copies of your employment contract; one in English, one in your native language and another in Arabic. Issue your educational and health certificates from the Embassy of UAE in the USA. Each document must be authenticated otherwise they will be rejected. A few fresh photographs clicked properly. No accessories or funky background is accepted in the photo.

Guidance about the procedure of work visa for UAE: Open the online link to the work visa for UAE. Fill the form and provide the correct information in every field. The rest of the process will take place in the UAE. After you land in the UAE you will be given an Entry Permit Visa. This visa is received after getting approval from the Ministry of Labor. The application for approval is filed by your employer. With this visa, you can now enter the UAE. File a request for a labour card. It has a validity of 2 years which is enough to proceed for a residence visa. The educational and health certificates to the Immigration Office where they will provide you work visa for UAE. As soon as you are given work visa for UAE you can legally work and make money now.

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