The endless opportunities of working as a storekeeper in Oman have always been of great interest. With the spaciously built and stacked with goods from all areas of importance the customer’s response is always overwhelmingly appreciable. The profit is always skyrocketing. Thus, becoming a storekeeper has become one of the most demanded jobs in Oman. People from abroad, especially from Pakistan, reach out to make good money. From pharmaceutical stores, grocery stores or even eatables supplying stores, all of them always have a vacancy. In case you want to leave for Oman, know that work visa for Oman is a little bit tacky to achieve.

Visa requirements for a work visa for Oman: To confirm your job as storekeeper apply for a work visa for Oman as soon as possible. Since you have to apply for a work visa for Oman to work as a storekeeper, therefore, there are some requirements you need to keep in mind. You must have a stable and latest bank statement. For travelling with a minor, a document showing consent of both parents, IDs of both parents, custody orders from the court (in case of separation) and birth certificate of the child is important. If the store you are going to work at is your own, then you will have to produce a copy of the business license, copy of income tax return report and company bank statement which should not be older than 6 months. In case of working as an employee at the store, you will have to show your employment contract, bank statement which should not be older than 6 months and income tax return certificate. These are the requirements you need to come up prior to consulting consulate and embassy. For work visa in Oman, you need to have a passport which must not expire in the next 6 months after you reach Oman. However, after it expires in Oman you will have to renew it at a cost of 6 OMR or else you will be fined 100 OMR if found overstaying. All the paperwork would require 2 x 2 inches photos which you must produce fresh. A photo older than 6 months is unaccepted.

Responsibilities of a Store Keeper: A storekeeper has many responsibilities in his court. He ensures the maintenance of the store and keeps an eye on the cleanliness and availability of all goods. The delivery of goods by suppliers, inflow and outflow of cash, use of the internet to stay connected with suppliers and delivery companies via email, proper documentation of every movement and keeping a check on employees to motivate them to work in a healthy environment are the responsibilities of a storekeeper.

How to apply for a work visa for Oman? For many countries getting a work visa for Oman is a true hassle. These countries are actually listed to not get a work visa for Oman. This leaves only one choice which is to consult the Oman embassy and consulate directly. There, upon producing required documents, you are asked to fill a form. The form is very lengthy and detailed. Each piece of information must be accurate and latest.  Upon wrong filling, the chances of work visa for Oman vanish.

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