Saudi Arabia is busy scoring ultimate goals on the international economic charts. With several businesses blooming in the country there is dire need of outlets and stores. Every year, many stores and outlets are opened for the exposure of products to the public. The response is not only immensely pleasurable but also brings a dire need for more workers. For that purpose, stores in Saudi Arabia need workers who can handle the store work. Saudi Arabia is still in the stage where the attention from oil wells is being drifted to other businesses. This expansion of the business will bring more and more job opportunities shortly.

Visa requirements for a work visa for Saudi Arabia: After you sort out your career options and land on the option of working as a storekeeper you must know that your most important job is to issue work visa for Saudi Arabia. Americans can easily get their hands on a work visa for Saudi Arabia in not more than ten days. All you need to have is a valid passport with a 2 x 2 inches fresh photo. The passport must have an expiry date beyond six to nine months. A medical certificate is required which should be issued by a registered physician. There is a list of tests, checkups and vaccinations which must be done to receive the certificate. An educational certificate is also supposed to be provided which would hold the details of your studies. An employment certificate issued by the company where you will be supposed to work is also an important document. If you are travelling with an underage child then a consent form from both parents and a death certificate in case of death of one parent is required.

Responsibilities of storekeepers: A storekeeper has the responsibility to take care of the entire store. Now, this is not as simple as it appears. There are various parts of this job which entirely depend on the storekeeper. A storekeeper must know the art of multitasking. Making bills, attending phone calls, answering queries of customers and rechecking the receipts, everything is done altogether. A storekeeper must keep a track of the supplier of goods and forward them to the customers on the given time. Being lazy or not giving a good look at the work of all the employees can eventually lead to poor progress of the store. A storekeeper is a representation of a store.  

How to apply for a work visa for Saudi Arabia? An online application is supposed to be filled on a website of a registered travel agent. Provide all the correct details and review them before submitting. Once submitted no changes can be made. Provide your correct and functional email address. You will receive your work visa in the form of a PDF file via email. The information would include your personal, employment and passport details. Scan the documents and submit the form. Within a week you will receive your work visa for Saudi Arabia.

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