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Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other emirate of UAE is known for the quality of imported products. There is no unavailable product. It utilizes its position as a free port and makes sure that the stores, garages and warehouses never run out of the products. This has given way to the opening of new stores across the UAE. From small-scaled stores to multiple story Walmarts and grocery stores new ideas are making their way in the infrastructure of the UAE. Well, this also brings good news for the people around the world who are interested in building a career in the UAE. New stores mean new employment opportunities. Hundreds of advertisements have been published and posted to gain attention. You can avail this opportunity and your sound professional life is only a work visa for UAE away.

What will you be liable for? Your liabilities may vary depending on your position and rank. In a store, there are multiple jobs. From cashier, receptionist, security guard, janitor, salesman, helper, cleaner to a manager and caretaker you can be given any job depending upon your area of interest and the pay scale you require. You will have to take care of the placement of products, their supply and delivery of everything from scratch. Moreover, you will have to keep a record of the products and services you provide. Depending on the objectives of your job you will have to work accordingly. If you are a manager you must ensure proper input from all employees. If you are a salesman then you have to assist customers. This job is an opportunity to make the most out of it by staying under one roof without doing any heavy work. Your working hours might also be flexible.

So where to begin from? Begin by collecting documents. Don’t miss out any document. Need not panic or confuse yourself with the necessity of certificates and documents. Here we have compiled a list of documents which you will need at the time of applying for a work visa for UAE. The most important requirement is your valid passport. Without a passport, you can’t exit your country. 2×2 inches fresh photographs, educational and health certificates which are authenticated by Embassy of UAE in the USA and lastly your employment contract which ensure your purpose of applying for a work visa for UAE.

Stuck with the procedure of work visa for UAE? Don’t be! The only complicated part about this procedure is that it is half completed in your home country which is the USA and half in the UAE. To obtain your work permit you will also need a residence visa. Go step by step patiently and within 40 days you will be able to get your work permit. Start by filling an online form for a work visa for UAE. There you have to provide your details. Each detail should be correct. Now it is your employer who will contact the Ministry of Labor to issue an approval for your services. After they approve your application you will get a Pink visa with a validity of 2 months.  It will allow you to enter the UAE. After you make it to UAE get your labour card which will become your identity for legally staying in UAE. This card has a validity of 2 years. In these 2 years, you must get your residence visa otherwise you will have to start over. Now contact the Emirates ID Service Center whereupon showing your valid passport and Pink visa you will be granted work visa for UAE.

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